Health Revolution – 90-Day Intensive

Get Focused and Clean Up Your Act

Eat well, Feel Great, Look Fantastic

Get Support, Take Massive Action, See Results

  • Do you have all these things that you want to do to get healthy and feel good… (or at least the coaches and gurus say you should be doing)
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and paralyzed because you don’t know where to begin?
  • Are you having trouble maintaining your energy to do your work, finding yourself exhausted before the end of the day? No time left for yourself or your family?
  • Do you find that you are so busy you have to (literally) eat on the run, grabbing and eating food that you know is not good for you?
  • Are you suffering from indigestion from stress at work or poor food choices?
  • Do you have trouble fitting exercise into your busy schedule?
  • Are you loosing confidence because your clothes are shrinking? And feeling very self conscious about how you are looking?
  • Are you finding it hard to sleep or worst still, sleeping too much?
  • Do you have some of your relationships heading towards the rocks and don’t know what to do to repair them?

Lucky you – I am here to solve all of these and more, so that you can GET ON AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE

Paul-Simos-portrait-redAnd I am not just saying it, I walk my talk – plan it, do it, and repeat. I know the value of having a plan, taking action, learning from experience, and doing it better.

In less than 3 months I dropped, Wham Bang, 25 kilos / 55 lbs (!) in a very healthy way, which completely revolutionized not only my health but my entire life. With my new-found wellness, I was able to:

  • Have all the energy I need to pursuit my desire
  • Regain passion and drive for life
  • Completely heal my digestive system
  • Reined in my Cholesterol levels and surprised my doc
  • Have my confidence go through the roof with my new look and clothes (that fit!)
  • Improve both my personal and business relationship
  • Have all the energy and mental clarity I need to sell my business back in Australia, moved to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, and build a new business that allows me to do what I love – Helping people with their health / lifestyle
  • Run two internet businesses and not letting them run me
  • Graduate from IIN professional health coach training program
  • Still stay calm and relaxed as a cucumber
  • Feel being in absolute control of my life
  • Write a number of  books, including one on Yoga and Detoxification

The list goes on….. Once I stepped up and took control of my health, my whole life started to change.

Once you decide to step up and take action you will then see and feel the dramatic change in your health and in your life.

And WHY am I qualified to revolutionize your health? 

Firstly, I’ve done it myself. I am a walking talking advertisement of total transformation….That’s right! I have completely transformed my life into one that has me jumping up out of bed in the morning, before the alarm has a chance to ring, to greet the new day.

Full steam ahead and powering through the day with grace and ease achieving everything that is important to me.

Secondly, I have been doing it for the past 11 years with my clients back home in Australia and now in Vietnam plus via Skype in many different countries around the world. My approach blends my knowledge and training in various modalities, including  Massage, Kinesiology, Rekei, Health Coaching, Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Counseling, Mind Reprogramming…. just to name a few - to help my clients fast track their progress. I support my clients to step up and take control, experiencing success from the get go.

You will be equipped and empowered to continually improve your health after a very short time and will not require me to do so any longer, now that’s a good change - self motivation.

Bottom line – I am trained to work with clients to get immediate results in the areas of health and lifestyle.

I will keep you accountable and on track.

What do you get when you work with me?

  • One 90 minute mega one-on-one coaching session via Skype or in person ($200 value)- in this session we will crack open and investigate exactly where you need help and formulate a plan with action steps made easy to achieve.
  • Six 60-min one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype or in person ($900 value) – in these sessions, besides the how-to’s and customized strategies to eat healthy nutritious food, set and discuss your health and lifestyle goals, you will also get important mindset coaching and tips that are critical for long-term success with ease and grace
  • Email support in-between sessions ($200 value)
  • A roadmap with actionable steps that you can follow to implement what you learn ($70 value)
  • Content-rich and actionable handouts to help you build a solid foundation on proper nutrition and know exactly what you need to do to create positive changes ($70 value)

Plus, you will get these BONUSES to fast track your results:

  • “Yoga Detox E-book” / Workbook DIY Kit – Toxicity can cause our body to retain fat and unable to release weight. This guide will show you all you need to know about selecting the right form of exercise with tools and tips to increase your energy and detoxification (a $27 retail value)
  • Nutrition Guide E-book – Jam packed with info and very practical action steps you can take to get the most benefit from the food you eat. ($27 value)
  • Lifestyle Evaluation Worksheet to help you give every aspect of your life a healthy makeover ($30 value)
  • Mindset Makeover Kit – Valuable and informative material to support you in creating mental shifts and developing lasting good habits ($70 value)
  • Five E-books to help you with the reprogramming of not just your body with good nutritious food but also your mind with healthy thinking ($150 value)
  • One 90 minute mega one-on-one coaching session via Skype or in person ($200 value) to help a family member or friend.

Total value of this program package exceeds $1,940!

How does the program work?

Health Revolution Intensive is a 3 months program that starts with a bang – you get a 90-minute mega session where we will clarify your vision, define your goals for the next 3 months, we will look closely at your health concerns discussing what has and hasn’t worked in the past formulating a plan of action moving forward.

We will work together over the next 12 weeks with our fortnightly (six one-on-one coaching and accountability) sessions working on your most pressing health concern.

We will also start to build a solid foundation of nutritional information that we can easily fit into your existing lifestyle.

On top of that we will also dig deep into your lifestyle and work out where your lifestyle habits could be having a negative impact on your health. We will visit such areas as physical activity, relationships, career and spirituality.

Together we will dissect each of your challenges and spend time working on them until we can put it all back together in good working order.

At the end of each session you will have a number of solutions to take away with you and implement before our next coaching and accountability session.

We are not finished yet, to further support you if you require more information or clarification in between sessions you will have full 24 hour email access to me. No excuses now for not taking action.

I want you to succeed and get results quickly like the rest of our tribe (when you succeed we succeed) so I am making it as easy for you as possible to take action, keep moving and get that feel good feeling back into your mind and body.

How much are feeling overwhelmed,
not knowing what to do next,
feeling paralyzed when it comes to taking action,
and not getting results are costing you today in your health and life?

If you are sick of been sick, join me today!

And I am going to make it a no-brainer investment for you.

For 90 days of coaching, action, results, support and accountability:

One-time payment of $887 (best deal!)



3 Monthly Installments of $317 per month


Questions? What to see if this program is right for you? Shoot me a note at

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