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Thanks for checking in to discover how you too can revolutionize your HEALTH and your LIFE, just like me. If you’re like a lot of people I talk to, you’re not exactly feeling on top of the world right now

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel because that’s where I was in 1995. Back then I was fat and bloated. My energy was down and I had health issues. My business - in the construction industry - was giving me stress and heartache. I couldn’t sleep, I was having panic attacks, and my relationships were in tatters.

When someone gets to that point in their lives one of two things will happen:

1) They do nothing and things will get worse - as sure as night follows day. A major negative event is likely to follow.
2) They choose to take action and change the course of their lives, for the better
I chose the latter option. Here is what happened……

My before and after pictures

Paul Simos before pic

Paul Simos after pic







Is This You?

Can you identify with any of these points?

- You’ve got no energy
- You’ve put on a few pounds (you can’t fit into your clothes like you used to)
- You sometimes find it hard to cope
- And you have a few niggling health issues.”

Have no fear I am here to help you move beyond where you are now to a better place.

My proprietary health system will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face, because you will feel better than you have for years.
It will help you lose weight (if you need to), increase your energy, improve your health and lessen your stress. That is my promise to you.

A New You - Closer Than You Think

Imagine. You now weigh in at your perfect weight for height (BMI). You’re wearing clothes that fit you like a glove. Your face is radiating energy because you’re health is now exactly where you want it to be.

You look better than you have for years, but there is something more - your increased energy makes you feel on top of the world.

Your partner is loving the new happy and energized you. Friends notice a big difference. They know it, and most importantly, you know it.

People are starting to recognize you for all the right reasons, and they want what you have…”

Is this a pipe dream or is it something that can happen to you? Well read on and judge for yourself……

Don’t Take My Word For It

Look at what my clients are saying about how they have revolutionized their health and their lives since working with me. I believe 100% in my clients that they are fully capable of making substantial positive changes in their lives when it comes to their health.

I create a safe environment, knowledge, support and reflect back to them in a loving way what they need to know for permanent healthy change . Click here to see Client Testimonials

 More About Paul Simos

Not so long ago this was me.

I was living the Executive life (or lack of life) I was working seven days a week up to 90 hours per week in my Construction business in Sydney, Australia.

Let me tell you that when you push yourself that hard the body starts to fall apart. The first sign of trouble was the amount of weight I was packing on; I weighed 108 kilos (237 lbs).

But worse than this. I was busting out of my clothes. My blood pressure was through the roof. I had dangerously high cholesterol levels. Because I was stressed i started to experience severe indigestion and acid reflux. Not fun!

Finally, my relationships were in tatters.

I was at breaking point. I was sick and tired of being, well, sick and tired. I had enough of simply going through the motions of living. I was sick of it and finally decided to do something about it.

A New Way of Living Brings Almost Instant Benefits

To cut a long story short, within in next to no time I dropped 25 kilos (55 lbs). And my stress evaporated.

I was feeling super charged with an abundance of energy. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels were almost back to perfect readings. My personal and business relationships were getting stronger and deeper.

Life was flourishing again, and I felt that I could conquer the world.
I continued to work not just for my physical health but also for my mental, emotional and even spiritual health.

Over the next few years, I studied and learned how to maximize my health so I could live my dream life.

Since 2009, I have been traveling throughout Vietnam / Asia. I’ve been teaching and educating clients about nutrition and lifestyle changes. I am working with Organizations, business owners and executives who are in similar situations as I was just a few years ago.

I love to help my clients make critical lifestyle changes and watch their energy zoom, their stress evaporate and their weight tumble. Exercise, combined with better nutrition and lifestyle habits will transform your life. I am living proof of that.

Next Steps - How I Can Help You

Through my Proprietary System, I will lead you through a proven process that will identify the root causes (No two people are the same) of your health challenges. We will then work closely together to align your health goals with your current beliefs, habits, and daily action steps.

Once complete you will have your customized personal health system which will guide you daily in maintaining the optimum health and body shape you’ve always dreamed of having.

You will discover a permanent way of living (no crash diets here) that will support your ongoing health and wellness goals.

Don’t Delay - Take Action Now

Here is what you should do now.

Book in for your initial session HERE

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