Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning

psychological muscle memory conditioning

Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning. Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning is one of the reasons why we are at various levels of competency in the different areas of our life. Frederic grew up in a small country town called Caboolture which is 44 kilometers north of Brisbane Australia. He loves the country …

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Rituals Determine Your Life and Results

rituals determine your life and results

Rituals Determine Your Life and Results Bill has a body to die for…. As he stood up, his broad, muscular frame demanded attention. His pecs were full and well defined. His wide lats only added to his perfect V shaped figure and slender torso. As he bent over to tie …

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You Can Not Stay Where You are

you can not stay where you are

You Can Not Stay Where You are … and go to Where You’re Going. Yes, I can hear you saying “Well… that’s obvious!”… Yes, it is very obvious in reality… how many of us think differently in our minds or more importantly in our actions?   Where do you want …

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One Goal – Happy New Year 2018

one goal

One Goal – Happy New Year 2018  The start of another, what’s looking to be, fantastic New Year 2018. Most of us are very aware, me included, how quickly the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years fly by before our very eyes. Time is one thing that is irreplaceable. …

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quitter stressor master

Quitter-Stressor-Master These are the three paths that we travel along during our lifetime. Some of us may prefer one over another. Some of us visit all three at different times and in different areas of our lives. I have visited all three and some of them more than I wanted …

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The Comfort Zone

comfort zone

The Comfort Zone I love The Comfort Zone. Everything that I already have and experience in my life is in my comfort zone. My Career – My work is ok. I know my job and I do it well. Everyday I come to work and I know exactly what I …

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What is Your Life Purpose

What is Your Life Purpose What is Your Life Purpose … more than likely has been on most people’s lips at one point or another during their life. What is Your Life Purpose is a big question which some of us may never crystalise or even answer. We see people …

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VAKOG Communication

VAKOG is an acronym for the modality of the 5 senses that we use to experience the world. Visual Auditory Kinesthetic Olfactory Gustatory We use all 5 senses to collect information and it’s our firsthand experience of world. In NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we call this collection of data / …

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