Change Your State Change Your Results

change your state change your resultsChange Your State Change Your Results – This is a very effective tool to help us access more of our talents and resources that already exist inside of us. I learned this tool from Tony Robbins and have used it successfully on myself and people I work with.

Here is an example of how to use the State Triangle to leap forward into positive action.

Harry came into my office a year and a half ago in a very depressed state. He is a C level manger in his early 50’s and has performed in similar C levels rolls for most of his working career.

After listening to Harry for 30 minutes about all the reasons why his contract was not renewed, how he was miserable, it was not fair that this happened to him and now he is unemployed. Harry had spent the last 7 days thinking about, talking about and complaining about his current situation. He was in a very low and depressed state.

I interrupted (after going around in circles) and asked him “What is the outcome that you would like from our coaching session today?”. He looked at me as if to wake up from a deep sleep and said, “well, ah, well… I need to find another job”.

I said, Harry, in this low state that you are in now do you know what to do to even get a job? Would someone employ you looking like you are or if you were employed could you perform at a competent level? Once again he looked up at me, focused his eyes and said, probably not….

1) Physiology – Move your physical body – The first step was to get Harry out of his chair and engage his physical body. I instructed harry to start walking around the table in the center of my office. Walk faster, big deep breaths, roll your shoulders, focus on your physical body. After 20 minutes Harry was looking and sounding better…
2) Focus – Focus your mind on positive thoughts - I am still following Harry around the table as he is energizing his body. Now I have Harry to focus his mind and memory on all his present and past successes. We go thought each success (there were many) from all his previous positions in his career. I can now hear the hope and excitement in his voice as we continue to move around the room and speak out loud all his achievements.
3) Language – Communication to self and outside world – 40 minutes into our state changing routine I encourage and show Harry that focusing (positive self talk / positive words) on the solutions and what you can do is so much more empowering and as the energy completely changed...he totally agreed.

We completed a few more techniques which we don’t have room to mention here.

After 50 minutes of working the state Triangle with Harry he was so much better. 80% better so we still have some room for improvement. How do you feel I asked….”So much better” he said.

Once we took a seat and cooled down I then asked Harry, “What is the next step?”. Immediately… he put pen to paper and came up with a list of action items that he needed to do to get back into the game of life and employment.

Can you see how Change Your State Change Your Results is powerful.

Now he has answers for his life in his new peak state, which were, un accessible when he first walked into my office.

Remember that your state of being will definitely dictate your results in life.

What state do you live in most of the time?

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