Mind Graffiti or Mind Art

mind graffiti or mind artMind Graffiti or Mind Art - Richard Bandler one of the early founders of NLP has dedicated his life work in discovering how our neurology works and the visualization of pictures in our mind in creating our reality. Richard is focused on obtaining results as quick as possible through the understanding of how our neurology works.

Richard and others like Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer just to name a few teach that the mind works in pictures and visualizations and what we picture or visualize in our internal world we absolutely create it in our external world.

Richard goes on to say how this idea has been around for centuries and even though it is very simple it may not be so easy to apply.

Richard gives us a powerful analogy when referring to our internal pictures of the mind.

If I were to visit you at your home and located the feature wall of your main living room and proceeded to draw the biggest, ugliest most horrific, frightening picture I could create for you and everyone who entered your home to see, how would you feel? What would you do?

Yes, apart from feeling horrible to see such a picture and possible physical violence towards me I’m sure you can think of many colorful adjectives to describe me based on what I just painted. Once you settled down and managed to get over the initial shock what would you do next?

Would you leave this ugly and frightening picture on the wall of your home to remind yourself of this event every time you look at it?

Then HOW come we leave these very same ugly and frightening pictures – Mind Graffiti - in our mind of previous events in our lives that are really a very imperfect representation of what actually happened? These same running movies in our mind elicit all sorts of different emotions that directly impact our behavior and what we are able to achieve. They will dictate how we show up in life.

Mind graffiti or mind artWould you prefer to create lovely, wonderful, bright, colorful, exotic and pleasant pictures of what you would like to experience in your life? Imagine referring back to your mind of beautiful, vibrant, motivating pictures and movies of the mind that will draw you closer to your vision and elicit a whole range of positive emotions that will create the behavior you want so as to achieve your big vision and goals in life.

Mind Graffiti or Mind Art – it’s our choice

NLP and coaching work wonderfully together to short circuit the Mind Graffiti and install Mind Art to bring you faster and closer to your big vision. NLP uses many tools and techniques that work wonderfully well with phobias and fears of all sorts.

Having the instructions or map of how our mind – brain – neurology work and applying it gives us an extremely powerful edge in getting what we really want in life.

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