How Much Do You Value Your Life?

how much do you value your lifeHow much do you value your life was a question that was put to me by my Doctor a few years ago and quiet literally it shocked me into changing my thinking which automatically changed my behavior.

That conversation is still crystal clear in my mind today as it made a huge impression and impact in my life in a very positive way.

I was managing my Steel Construction business in Sydney Australia for many years and in the lead up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics we were inundated with work and completion dates prior to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

The buildup of stress and lack of personal care over those years started to take its toll on my physical body and the rest of my life. I increased my weight to 105 + Kilos, cholesterol levels were high, blood pressure was through the roof, indigestion, super high blood sugar levels, sleepless nights, not exercising and my relationships were less than good.

Upon visiting my local GP for a yearly check up as I was not feeling well and had next to no energy levels, he gave me some shocking news.

He said, “If you continue the lifestyle you are living and refuse to take responsibility for your health you can expect to shorten your life at least by 5 to 10 years minimum”.

OMG…. Now that was a shocking wake up call. I couldn’t imagine how living my life in this way would have such a negative impact. I was dumbfounded that this was even possible.

Needless to say that through this paradigm shift of seeing my health and life differently I immediately sprung into action and started on a course of new and positive behaviors that culminated in my outstanding health and new lifestyle I have created for myself today. Through my efforts over the years I am confident that I have regained those potentially lost years plus many more.

I have conversations with many people who are looking to change their lives from a health perspective but remain teetering on the fence looking to balance the scales of negatives and positives to make the decision and take positive action.

Some of the feedback is not too dissimilar to my own reasons a few years ago. “I don’t have time as I am too busy”, “I don’t like exercise”, “I’m attached to my food”, “I’m not willing to invest money in my health”.

If we take the time to look after our health we will be rewarded with many more years of a healthy, happier and longer life. Whether we invest a few hundred or a few thousand dollars towards our health how can that be compared to living a healthier, more energized, happier and longer life doing the things we love with our family, friends and surrounding ourselves with the wonderful things in our lives that make our heart sing.

How much do you value your life?

Now it is time to celebrate our life and maximize our time here in a healthy and positive way.

List 2 action steps that you will commit to today that will take you closer to the healthier lifestyle you have always imagined for yourself.

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