NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingWhat is NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming?

One of the founding fathers of NLP is Richard Bandler and he is quoted as saying that…

NLP is “The study of the structure of subjectivity, in the way we make pictures, where they’re located, how big they are, where we locate our voices and how we alter our feelings, which are called emotional states, whether they rotate this way or that way, all those little sets of details give you a set of tools that by which people can make absolutely profound change easily and quickly”.

When I first looked at this NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming definition from Richard Bandler I needed to read and reflect on it a few times before I could appreciate the essence of what he is saying.

Whether we understand completely or not (unless you are a NLP Practitioner) the main interest is what positive results and how quick we can get them into our lives?

NLP practices can be wide and varied depending on the purpose and changes you would like to make in your life.

What I like about NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is that the changes are immediate. We get result straight away without having to use will power as there is a change in Neurology.

So, how can NLP help me?

• You find yourself living in, and thinking about the past.
• You constantly procrastinate when you need to complete a project or deadline.
• You feel depressed, sad, upset and you’re not sure why.
• You want your performance to improve at work so you can ask for more money.
• You keep failing at a new health regime, falling off the wagon after a week or month and feel frustrated at yourself.
• You’re stuck in a rut, situation or relationship and don’t know how to get out.
• You lack self confidence which prevents you from speaking up or taking action.
• You’re a sales person and want to get more sales.
• You want to improve mental and physical performance.
• You want to reveal the barriers that keep you locked in position, restraining you from freedom and independence.

These are just a few examples of how NLP can help you. NLP can be applied to pretty much anything where you want to improve how you do something, how you feel and how you think.

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