Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning

Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning.

Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning is one of psychological muscle memory conditioningthe reasons why we are at various levels of competency in the different areas of our life.

Frederic grew up in a small country town called Caboolture which is 44 kilometers north of Brisbane Australia. He loves the country with it’s undulating plains, fresh air and plenty of space. Frederic lives a very laid back sort of life. He works on a farm as a farm hand during the day and sits around with his mates in the evening chatting. He is a “chip of the old block” as the saying goes which means he is very much like his father.

We are all a “Chip of the old block” in some respects as we were conditioned in our body and mind by our parents as we were growing up.

We are all conditioned at various levels depending on who we have spent time with in our early years.

For Example…

I know that energy is very important to have so we can show up in life to raise a family, build a business, travel around the world we need to have high energy levels to live our Big Vision in life.

Have you noticed that some people show signs of having an abundance of energy while others can hardly move from one chair to the next.

How can this be?

Is it something to do with diet, nutrition, exercise, good Genes, balanced lifestyle…

Yes…I’m sure they all play a part in our overall health and a MUST to have outstanding health.

There is another important factor as well that many of us may not be aware.

I’m referring to the Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning.

Some of us have conditioned our bodies to produce high levels of energy while others have conditioned it the other way.

A high performance athlete can condition his body over time to perform amazing tasks. Daily practice increasing energy levels always consistently pushing the limits and demanding more from the body. The energy set point of the athlete increases through daily repetition and the new set point is established and delivers more energy.

We all have the ability to raise our set point in our:

- Energy Levels…
- Focus & Concentration…
- Food & Drink Consumption…
- Time we get out of bed in the morning…
- Time I spend on relationships…

We are conditioned at various set points in our lives more than we realize in many different ways and we have the power to change it if we chose.

How would you like to raise your set point to have:

- An Abundance of energy…
- Lazer sharp Focus & Concentration…
- Eat & Drink less and enjoy a healthy body…
- Spring out of bed 5am fully alert…
- Deepen and nurture your relationships…

You are able to experience these and a whole lot more.

How do we create new set points in our life?

Very simply the same way we created the ones we have now. It’s all through repetition and building new habits and behavior that will raise your set points.

Is it easy….NO

Can you do it…YES

In the beginning you will have resistance for the first few days and when you break through that resistance with further repetition it becomes the new set point.

In our workshops we have attendees jump up out of their seats immediately to a specific song numerous times during the day. This is a conditioning process of changing their state in a heart beat and raising their energy levels.
Make a decision with one area that you really want to make some improvements and lock it in for 30 days and the rest will be history.

Psychological Muscle Memory Conditioning applied with awareness will positively transition your behavior and results.

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