These are the three paths that we travel along during our lifetime. Some of us may prefer one over another. Some of us visit all three at different times and in different areas of our lives.

I have visited all three and some of them more than I wanted too.

How about you...Are you the Quitter-Stressor-Master

Let’s take a look and see where we can identify ourselves in these three paths Quitter-Stressor-Master with the view to improve our journey through life.

The Quitter - Do you know any person that tends to pick up a new hobby or even profession, learns the basics, but then, all of a sudden, they just stop? I think most of us have been quitters at one thing or another. We started something that sounded nice, but then realized that there’s more to it than we thought and the extra effort just wasn’t worth it.

The quitter has an interesting pattern, very common amongst most children these days. They pick up a new activity that they may have never tried before. They learn the basics fast and start getting better and better results. This continues until something happens. They stop growing so fast. Instead, they reach a point in which they need to learn/do something different in order to further increase their competency, at which point, they just give up. They start playing Basketball, they learn fast, shoot some hoops, dribble some players, but then they realize that it’s not as easy to excel as it is to just play around, so they try something else.

I think its great to try and test out different hobbies, sports or even different careers. The challenge is we don’t want to build a habit of going from one thing to the next without mastering any of them in our lives.
Many of us have spent time on the quitters path and the worst part is that many never really learn that all great achievements take time and effort. Brian Tracy says: “Anything worth doing well, is worth doing poorly at the beginning”. The moment we fully understand the above message, we can pass to the next level and start getting some real results. Results we can actually be proud of.

The Stressor - Now, how often do you visit this path? I’m guilty of being a stressor with many of the things I have started. The stressor is the one who understands that true breakthroughs need much more than just beginners luck and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in most areas. It’s the natural process of growing that causes the stress before the breakthrough.

The only issue with stressors is that they try to reinvent the wheel. Most of the times not intentionally, of course, but they eventually end up finding out that something they “figured out” was already there, in a book that was published a decade ago. Stressors grow just as fast as anyone else, but when they hit a plateau, then they go crazy. Sales have been stagnating for 3 months?! Let’s try this! And that! And this! And that! They usually believe that their success is directly correlated to the amount of effort they put into it. Though this is mostly true, many times there are easier ways to do things, but of course, the stressor is to stressed to notice.

The Master - Masters start out just like a Quitter or the Stressor. They begin something new, they start getting some initial results and then eventually hit a plateau, where things aren’t as easy as before. The difference is in what happens next.

Whilst the quitter just leaves and starts something new and the stressor relentlessly fights against the tides, the Master says: “Ah, a plateau! To be expected!” I’m on track! A Master understands that there will always be challenges on the journey to success and knows exactly what to do.
Learn from those who do.

What Tony Robbins calls: “Modeling the Masters.” If I want to lose weight, I will either talk to someone that was in my situation and lost the weight or read a best-selling book on losing weight or invest in a personal Life / Health Coach.

The same goes for any other part or area of your life. We learn what we need to know, we make a detailed plan and we keep going until we get the results we want.

There are many people we can learn from and even more books we can read and study. If you want to get from where you are today to where you want to go, find someone that has already been on the same or a similar journey and learn whatever you can. Of course, you can decide to make your own path, but you’ll make much better decisions and progress if you already know what others have done, you will know how to avoid some painful mistakes and even reach your desired goal much faster and with better results.

In conclusion understand the three different paths. Understand how they all work and what is the normal process of learning. Understand the tools around you at your disposal to utilize. Understand that more than likely someone before you has already obtained what you are seeking to Master.

Awareness of the three different paths of Quitter-Stressor-Master you are in a more empowering position to follow through and become the Master.

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