Reticular Activating System

reticular activating system The Reticular Activating System may sound confusing and it's something I'm sure you are already well aware of.

Have you ever thought of buying a particular car, only to see hundreds of them on the roads?Have you ever thought going to a holiday destination only to hear almost everyone talking about it or seeing pictures of it everywhere? There’s a reason we start to notice these things, even though they would have been there just the same, whether we’d been present or not.

Did you know that you, me and every other person has their own built in GPS System?

It's located in our brain and it’s called the Reticular Activating System.

Yes, that's right and once we load the coordinates of what we want in our life (Outstanding Health for example) it automatically goes out and finds what you programmed it to do.

WOW...The Reticular Activating System is amazing isn't it?

Yes, the RAS is actually a filter for over 2 million bits of information that's processed through our 5 senses per second. That's a lot of sensory data... To ensure the brain doesn't get overloaded and not be able to function the RAS will only filter 134 bits of information per second.

So...You may be thinking... How does the RAS know what information to filter in?

It's a very important question... Because once the information is in the RAS (GPS) it will go out and locate it in your life...whether you want it...or not!

Filtered content of our RAS happens in 2 ways.

Firstly, Top of the mind thinking. People who mostly focuses on the positive aspects of their lives have their RAS empower their lives by focusing on things that support their positive and abundant outlook of their lives. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true for people who can’t shake of the negative aspects of their lives. These people often feel depressed and convinced that their life is pointless as they simply are unable to see any good things happening in their lives.

Secondly, the RAS isn’t just influenced by your conscious self-talk; it is also influenced by your beliefs. What this means that whatever you believe will have an impact upon what your RAS draws into your conscious awareness. If you believe that people are liars your RAS will be tuned into liar FM and seek out and identify all of the examples in your life where people are being dishonest. Your RAS will operate to fit in with what you believe and what you think is important. That means that another person can be in the same place at the same time as you but come away with a very different experience and make very different judgements.

Taking control of your RAS can make the difference of living a life of passion, excitement, love and abundance to one of stress, worry, lack, loneliness and boredom.

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