The Comfort Zone

Comfort ZoneThe Comfort Zone

I love The Comfort Zone. Everything that I already have and experience in my life is in my comfort zone.

My Career – My work is ok. I know my job and I do it well. Everyday I come to work and I know exactly what I need to do to perform and get the job done. I feel comfortable in this environment where I already know everything about my work. I could learn some new tasks or work in another department but I'm comfortable here.

My Relationship – My husband and I get on reasonably well. He knows my limits. He knows when to back off and leave me alone and I know some of his difficult behaviors and I too know when to back off and leave him alone. It’s not perfect… It’s comfortable in the fact that I know what to expect.

My Health – I really need to lose a few pounds. I’ve been talking about it for….Hummmm…..Years….Too lose a few pounds I will need to start doing exercise and most probably change my diet. I know what I need to do and I really want to do it but it’s just my body shape and I’m getting use to it now. I’m feeling comfortable in this uncomfortable condition.

My Friendships – I’ve got a reasonably tight group of close friends and work colleagues that I socialize with from time to time. Most of them are ok and some are a little more difficult. They have some different thinking and ideas to me and they don’t always listen to me. I’m too old now to change my ideas, I’ve got more life experience than them. I’m comfortable with who I am so they just need to accept my ideas.

My Holidays – We always go to our lovely dream resort at the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland. We have been going for the last 9 years. We feel so comfortable there. The staff know us, we know the place and all the facilities. We could visit other resort destinations which would be great but we already know this place and we feel so comfortable.

Cindy is living her life in her comfort zone. She admits that she is not 100% happy and would like more in her life but it’s what she is use too and now uncomfortably comfortable she remains in her comfort zone.

Outside Your Comfort Zone

Seth has developed some wonderfully positive and magical habits when it comes to stepping out of his comfort zone.

My Career – I love my work and the results I’m able to obtain. I’m in retail sales where I like to talk with the customers. 4 times a year I will attend a sales training because I know it will give me more knowledge and skill to improve my results. My sales are increasing year over year and next month I’m up for a promotion as sales manager. I need to make time at learn and attend trainings. It’s uncomfortable to learn, grow and stretch for me and I know if I continue it will get easier and become the new comfortable.


My Relationship – I’m happily married with my wife Emma. We do a lot of things together outside of our work. We both understand if we want our marriage to flourish and get better every year we need to work on it. We read various books on how to have an outstanding relationship. We attend personal development training because we know the more we grow and learn so too will our relationship. It’s sometimes very uncomfortable to look at yourself and accept you need to change. For us change it the new comfortable.

My Health – I have wonderful health. I’m always experimenting with various foods and exercise. When I step up and try a different food or exercise I’m amazed about the results and how I feel. It’s a challenge for me to be always stepping up in my health and I know when I push through that discomfort it becomes the new comfortable.

My Friendships – I’m a people’s person and love to interact and engage. I love to read and learn new skills on how to communicate more effectively. When growing up I was not a good communicator, actually I was very shy. Now I have many wonderful friends with very positive foundation in all my relationships. I had to step out of my comfort zone to learn a few new skills and each time I do it becomes the new comfortable.

My Holidays – Over the last 5 years we have never visited the same holiday destination more than 2 times. In the other areas of my life I have developed the muscle of learning, growing and stepping out of my comfort zone that this skill now exists in the area of my holidays. I now love the excitement of not knowing what’s coming next, who will I meet, what will I see.

Understand this….

To improve the quality of our life experience and BE, DO & HAVE the things that we really, really, really want and can’t achieve it from our current comfort zone… We need to step out to where the magic happens which is outside the comfort zone.

What I love about stepping out of the comfort zone is this….

Imagine you step out and up, learn a new skill of how to have, AWESOME RELATIONSHIPS, how to communicate more effectively…

Once you learn that new skill…You have it for the rest of your life….

Please read that again…it’s so liberating….

For a little discomfort for a short time….Once you learn that new skill…You have it for the rest of your life…

That's HUGE...

Imagine….What sort of positive impact that could make in your Career, Relationships, Health, Friendships….

Start today…start now… Learn a few new skills (outside of your comfort zone) to take you to the NEW COMFORTABLE.

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