The Power of Imagination

power of imagination

I am sure you are doing really, really well and most probably wondering why you have not heard from me of late…

I have taken on a few more clients recently and have been spending quality time with them realizing their Big Vision, dreams and goals.

It’s a wonderful experience working with them and been part of their transition and journey towards a more enjoyable way of living by doing less and achieving more.

So what does all of that have to do with the title of this post “Power of Imagination”?

I have just completed a book called “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi which is about your quantum leap into understanding, having and enjoying immense wealth and happiness.

David says, “Life is images of the mind expressed”.

You may like to read it again and let it sink in…

Our imagination is the starting point at which we co-create the life we see around us. Our minds work in picture form.

When those picture forms are consistently held in our conscious mind long enough with intensity, belief and emotion (Positive or Negative) they then will enter into our subconscious mind from which we run our lives.

We are already co-creating the life we have and in many cases it is through default imagery. We are focusing more on the things we don’t want and bring them into reality rather than the things we do want.

It’s a small shift that we can make which will gain a huge positive upside to our lives if performed in the right way.

David mentions how the subconscious only accepts affirmations so we must be careful to program it in an appropriate way.

For example: If I continually repeat “I am not fat” the subconscious will only pick up “I am fat” it will not register the “not” part of the sentence.

Better to say in the affirmative, “I am now 79 kilos and feel full of energy”.
Once you learn to program your subconscious mind in alignment with your Big Vision, dreams and goals the creation process is so much more enjoyable. It is then on target in accordance with what you really want to create in your life.

This is an extremely important process that most of us are not even familiar and we wonder why we just can’t seem to attract all those things that we would love to see and experience in our lives.

This is just one of the processes I journey my clients through and it is wonderful to see the results once they get it and apply it in their lives.

Start to observe how you are programming your subconscious mind and identify is it in alignment with what you want to surround yourself with in life?

To learn more about how to program your subconscious mind to get more of what you want in life please contact

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