Jumpstart Your Weight-Loss in 30 Days


The Ultimate NO EXCUSE Weight-Loss Activation Coaching Packagebiz-wm

  • Want to lose weight but feeling overwhelmed, don’t know where to start, what to do first, second or third?
  • Want to work smarter so you can leverage your hard work by losing more weight in less time?
  • Tried to lose weight before but put it all back on again, and more?
  • Want to create a body that will make you stand taller and give you the confidence that you always wanted?
  • Want to lose weight without starving yourself and actually eating more?

No Problem – we’ve got the plan for you!

Jumpstart Your Weight-Loss in 30 Days is a 4-week, step-by-step program that will help you get your ducks in a row, gain a ton of clarity and build a solid foundation for healthy weight-loss that will last a lifetime.

Proven System that will help you

Release Your Unwanted Pounds once and for all


Module 1: Move Your Body in a Loving Way

We will work together to create a better understanding, appreciation and a positive mindset towards exercise and how it plays a very important roll in our personal and professional lives.


nutrious-foodModule 2: Lift the Lid on Good Nutrition

You will discover everything you need to know to eat healthy nutritious food without restriction. Also you will be able to eat according to your particular lifestyle.

We will make things very easy so they become just like brushing your teeth, you don’t have to think about it – you just do it.


Module 3:Upgrade Your Lifestyle to Achieve Your Ideal Weight


In this module you will look at the following areas of your life:

- Career – how a purposeful career can help you reduce stress, which can cause a myriad of health issues including weight gain

- Relationships – how a loving relationship can help curb your late night ice cream run

- Spirituality – how having a spiritual practice can help you stop turning to food for “feeling fulfilled”


bizModule 4: Mindset Makeover

I will work with you on a mindset makeover so you can integrate and implement everything you have learned in this program for the rest of your life to maintain your ideal weight.

This module will show you:

- How your habits affect your health, and how to cultivate the awareness to identify the ones that are sabotaging your weight loss effort

- How to create new habits to support your new-found health

- How to remain in a peak state to make good decisions about your health

- How to create a strong mindset to support healthy eating habits and resist “temptations”


The Program includes: (GROUP coaching only)

- One 50-min one-on-one coaching sessions ($75 value)

- Four 90-min group coaching sessions in person ($750 value)

- Email support in-between sessions ($200 value)

- 2 yoga classes per week (8 in total) ($97 value)

- A roadmap with actionable steps that you can follow to implement what you learn ($70 value)

- Content-rich and actionable handouts to help you build a solid foundation on proper nutrition and know exactly what you need to do to create positive changes ($70 value)

Plus, BONUSES to fast track your results:

- “Yoga Detox E-book” / Workbook DIY Kit – Toxicity can cause our body to retain fat and unable to release weight ($27 retail value)

- Nutrition Guide E-book ($27 value)

- Lifestyle Evaluation Worksheet ($30 value)

- Mindset Makeover Kit ($70 value)

Total value of this program package exceeds $1,400!

You can get a huge Jumpstart on Your Weight-loss


Best price: $297

* There are limited positions in the program so first in first served, don't miss out sign up NOW.


Location: 182 Pasteur Street, Q.1, Tp.HCM, Vietnam
Start date: 02/06/14
Finish date: 26/06/14


50-min one-on-one coaching session before the start of week one

Week one

Monday 02/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm
Wednesday 04/06/14 - Group Health Coaching Session #1 - 6-30pm to 8pm
Thursday 05/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm
Week Two

Monday 09/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm
Wednesday 11/06/14 - Health Coaching Session #2- 6-30pm to 8pm
Thursday 12/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm
Week Three
Monday 16/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm
Wednesday 18/06/14 - Health Coaching Session #3- 6-30pm to 8pm
Thursday 19/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm
Week four
Monday 23/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm
Wednesday 25/06/14 - Health Coaching Session #4 - 6-30pm to 8pm
Thursday 26/06/14 - Yoga - 7-30pm to 8-30pm

We will have a celebration party after the last yoga class on week four to share our success.


What others are saying:

Dear Paul,

I would just like to say a few words in appreciation after completing your Jumpstart weightloss in 30 day program.

Before the weightloss program I was over weight and did not feel comfortable with myself. I was not happy with my health and I did not like to exercise. My Doctor prescribed medication for me to try and control my high blood pressure. My mind was all over the place as I felt I could not relax and enjoy my life.

Then I joined your Jumpstart weightloss in 30 days program and WOW!! how things then started to change in my life for the better.

I have received many benefits from your program but I will only mention a few here and it was not just the weightloss. It has now been 3 months since I completed the program and I have lost a total of 12 kilos / 26 lbs and the weight continues to steadily fall. My Doctor has taken me off my blood pressure tablets as my blood pressure has now normalized. I feel so happy and relaxed in my mind that small things that use to worry me before don't bother me now. All my friends keep commenting on how positive and healthy I appear and want to know what I did to make this magnificent transformation. I can say with confidence that it was your program with the support and accountability that got me started on my new healthy path.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart as my life is now filled with fun and excitement and my health continues to improve as I have your special formula for a happy healthy life.

Phi Phi
Hanoi, Vietnam.

Questions? Want to know which program is right for you? Please contact me:

mail paul@RevisitHealthManagement.com

tel (+84) 128 630 5982

web http://RevisitHealthManagement.com/events

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