Frequently Asked Questions

1) I don't really have any health concerns OR my weight and cholesterol are good, why do I need a health coach?

A health coach will provide a deep level of nutrition information combined with a customized approach of what is an optimal diet for each individual’s body and energy requirements throughout the day in order to create high level wellness for the rest of their life. The health coach looks at health as the vehicle for the client to accomplish his life’s goals—professional and personal, including optimizing performance, satisfaction and productivity. This includes working to improve relationships at home, at work and everywhere else, career, exercise and spirituality. Stress management and reduction are also included in achieving and maintaining optimal, vibrant health. The best time to address health is before anything “is wrong.” The absence of noticeable symptoms is not the same thing as the presence of vibrant health. We set our clients on the path of vibrant health, high productivity and satisfaction.

2) I don't have time to cook, will this program work for me?

The program will meet the client wherever they are. That can include how to navigate a menu or choose the healthier options at restaurants or while traveling and how to eat for more energy while on-the-go. For those who are ready but don’t think they have the time, the program works in-depth to refocus priorities through time management where menu planning and shopping are scheduled resulting in more home cooked meals for most clients, no matter their starting point.

3) I've tried dozens of diets, how is this different?

Simply put, this is not a diet. It is an approach to how you define foods that will nourish you from the inside out, providing you with lasting energy, better sleep, digestion, skin as well as more patience and likely an improved sex life! As you experience the benefits of shifting from a more processed foods lifestyle and take the time to not only search out but enjoy better quality foods, you’ll begin to pay attention to when, where and how you eat which all affect how much sustained energy you get from your food.

4) My company has a wellness program, what will you tell me that I don't already know?

If information were the answer, we wouldn’t be an overweight, caffeine - sugar - and junkfood-addicted nation. Working with a health coach is the key to taking all of the information you’ve received — at work, at home, in the media — and figuring out what is relevant for you and how to incorporate it into your life. Once you develop this muscle, you’ll be able to coach yourself around health and wellness for the rest of your life. Our coaches work with their clients to unlock their story and to bit-by-bit replace it with a new story that includes healthier habits that “start with the food but don’t stop with food.”

5) I'm interested but extremely busy and don't think I can commit to 12 sessions. Can we meet a few times and see how it goes?

The Six-Month 12-Session Program is very carefully designed to ensure sustainable success. However old you are, it’s taken you that long to get there. It takes six months to take apart the layers of the onion of your life and to layer in the healthier habits. Within the six month period most “exceptions” will have taken place (Business travel, Family vacation, mother-in-law came to town, family celebration, unforeseen crisis small or large) and we are there to pull you back on track and provide you with the tools to be able to do it for yourself (“reset and restart”) after the program. In fact, the benefits of the program begin to accrue to you once you schedule the 12 sessions and begin to commit yourself to your health and to achieving your life’s goals.

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