Out of Balance Program

Are You Ready to Rebalance – Grow – Strengthen?

You have reached a point in your life where your lack of health is starting to become more noticeable through your career and sub performance. Balancing your health and career is more challenging now then just a few years ago. Not sure where to start to bring equilibrium back into your life not just on a work front but also in your personal life. The time has arrived for you to bring some energy and focus into your life to rebalance, grow and strengthen your body, mind, emotions and spirit to ensure further fulfillment in your career and personal life.

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Who you are?

You are a dedicated professional who has had control of your entire life both in your career as well as in your personal life. You may have been an avid sports person or a regular face at your local gym. During the last few years you have not been so dedicated to your sport or exercise. If you have, may be not as often as you would like or your performance is not the same. Recently you feel that you have lost balance with work and your personal life.

It is time to take stock of your health situation as you are now aware that your body's ability to perform similar tasks are not the same as it was a few years ago. Now it is time to move forward into your new healthy life. What was working for you not so long ago does not have the same effects and results. It is time to rebalance, grow and strengthen.

What your challenges tend to be

Your career is still moving forward but you don’t have the same motivation and drive. You are coasting along almost aimlessly going through the motions but feeling somewhat detached. Physically you are starting to notice that your body just can’t do the same things it did in your 20’s and 30’s. You have noticed that your regular health checks have reported some negative movements in your reporting results. Weight gain is now becoming a challenge as your metabolism appears to be slowing down while your body is growing in size.

Aches and pains are more constant now especially in the shoulders and lower back. Mentally you have bouts of confusion as to what the future holds for you as you progress in your career and personal life. Your emotions are fluctuating a lot more now than in the past which is causing a lot of uncertainty in your whole being. With this shift happening you are more sensitive to your spiritual connection to your body and how energy plays out in your life. From many different levels of your being you are looking to find balance, growth and strength.

What you need most now?

The thing you most need now is balance in the changes that are taking place in your body (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually) including growth and strength to move forward into this transitional period of your life. You want to feel calm, relaxed and in control of your current circumstance and the direction of your future.

Also looking for confidence and assurance in your body as it continues to evolve and change. Discovering new ways to approach life as you reconcile and adapt your spiritual essence to you physical body. When you honor the different levels of your being you immediately begin to appreciate the balance, growth and strength that only can be found in this unity of your entire being.

Ready To Step Up and Get Results?

Are you ready to make some small but strategic changes in the way you eat and the lifestyle you live to ensure maximum results both in your own body, mind and spirit to bring you closer to your true essence and capabilities? If yes, then this program is for you.

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