Reviews for Yoga Detox eBook


  1. This is a clear instruction on how meditation should be implemented into one’s schedule, and the vast amount of health benefit that can be derived from meditation.
    Paul have captured in his work how emotional healing can be achieved. It is quite clear on the steps a beginner can follow to experience the emotional freedom that comes with the practice of meditation.

    I recommend this must read to anyone wanting to enjoy the benefit of meditation.

    ………Netilia Williams Health Couselor.

    • Hello Netilia,

      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. I am happy you were able to derive some benefits from my E-book. Meditation should be a must in everyone’s life as we are both physical as well as spiritual beings. Take care Netilia.

  2. Hi Paul!

    I want to express my gratefulness for this special gift to me. I am copying this to my loves ones, wife and three daughters and encouraging them to read it and put in on practice as I will try to do it.

    In the other side, congratulate you for this outstanding job that encloses in one book many concepts we used to read throughout many sources here and there, but finally all together in an compact book of 56 pages.

    My daughters are in some way involved in the carrousel’s life trying to success and at the same time finding a meaningful life, we know that executive and professional people like them sooner or later fall in the century’s habits of eating quick and bad, prioritizing duties over health which is basic to go on . I am included in this group of course.

    Your Yoga Detox book remind us the importance of Yoga in our lives cleaning our organs but also about simple details as the correct way to eat, swallow, breathing, things that we do automatically without focusing, having a great impact in our health.

    All the best for you with your new books and your valuable desire to help people for a better life.


    Juan Ruiz.

    • Dear Juan,

      Thanks so much for your reply and encouraging words. It is the simple things in life that we do on a regular basis that can allow us to have a much higher level of health. Keep up the good work and I know you will get many benefits if you continue your regular yoga practice. Take care Juan.

  3. Hi Paul

    I want to say you wrote a GREAT BOOK. The book is so simple to read but a lot of informative things to learn. After reading your book, I start to be aware of the importance of lifestyle and its impact to our health. Yes, I like your saying that we invest a lot of time and effort in business, but we dont invest in our health. It is so true!!!

    Thanks for introducing me the Yoga and its huge benefit and I believe the benefit can be added more when I will practice it with more consciousness and awareness.


    I look forward to your new books


    Tuyet Nguyen

    • Hi Tuyet,

      Thanks for your positive comments. Yes, by practicing yoga you will receive many benefits which will positively affect your life. Keep up the good work Tuyet.

  4. Dear Paul,

    Thank you so much for your lovely E-book “Yoga Detox for the Busy Professional based in Vietnam”. It has many practical and common sense tips to help me improve my health and my life. I have already started to implement then into my life. The section on meditation is very interesting and easy to understand and as you suggested in the book I have started to meditate just 10 minutes at time and build up as I become more settled with the process.

    Thanks again Paul

    Miss Phi Phi
    Hanoi, Vietnam

    • Hello Phi Phi,

      Thanks for your review and I am so happy that you enjoyed the e-book. I now hope your life is a little better for reading the book. Thanks

  5. Paul has brought together information from a wide range of sources and a variety of disciplines, including nutrition, stress management, yoga and meditation, and put it together in one easy-to-read volume. He provides a comprehensive guide for “busy professionals” who might otherwise not take the time or prioritize their health. Those who read the book and follow Paul’s advice and suggestions will be sure to reap many health benefits.

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