Power Yoga Flow

The style of yoga I teach is a power yoga flow which is suitable for all levels and incorporates the following attributes into the practice:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Endurance
  • Mindfulness
  • Correct Breathing
  • Mental Relaxation

The class starts with a few minutes of silence and stillness while students can recollect themselves setting an intention for their practice. We then begin with some very gentle warming up postures to bring heat and energy into the body while regulating and deepening the breath.

Now we will start to increase the movement of the body working some of the larger muscles.

We gradually work the body a little harder to ensure a good physical workout and at the same time keeping the breath regulated and the mind very still and quiet staying fully present on what we are doing.

Once we have reached a peak in our practice we then start to slow the body down into a few slower and more gentle postures allowing the body to cool down before we rest on our mats with a few minutes of complete silence and relaxation while absorbing the many benefits of our practice.

After class you will feel that your body has been exercised and that your mind will be completely relaxed.

You will walk away feeling like a new person ready to take on life with all it's excitement.

Yoga has the power (power yoga) to transform your life, check out My Story and see what yoga did through me.

My Class Schedule

I am currently teaching my style of power yoga in various locations in Ho Chi Minh City. You are more then welcome to come try a class and come say hello to me as I like to get know my students so I am able to help them achieve their health goals through my yoga class.

My full power yoga schedule

Private Yoga Lessons

If you are not ready for a public yoga class the next option is to have private yoga lessons.  Beginners, Intermediate or advanced I have the plan for you.

Tell me more about private yoga lessons

Corporate Yoga

If you are finding it hard to make it to a yoga class bring the yoga to work.

That's right! Talk to your HR department and ask them to introduce yoga at work during your lunch break or after working hours. The benefits for the employer are just as great as they are for the individual.

Yoga in the workplace:

  • Increases morale amongst the staff
  • Increases energy - more productivity
  • Builds immunity -less days off work
  • Reduces stress - happy work environment

Click here - To find out more about yoga in the work place

Meditation Lessons

Yoga is a meditation. Yoga is a moving meditation. If you already practice yoga with mindfulness  and awareness the next step to deepen the meditation process is to start to practice a seated meditation.

Yoga students find it relatively easy to transition from a regular yoga practice to a meditation practice. I am not saying that we stop practicing yoga for meditation but rather add meditation into your life.

The benefits of meditation are numerous on a Physiological, Psychological and a Spiritual level.

Learn more about the benefits of meditation and Meditation Lessons.

Speech I gave at Saigon Toastmasters - The Trifecta to a Perfect Yoga Class:

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