A Journey through energy…

In June last year I was feeling completely overwhelmed, tired and out of balance in both my body and mind. I decided it was time to take action to increase my energy levels and get a second wind to follow my own way to overcome all personal and professional issues that were confronting me at the time to turn them around into successes…!

I then spent considerable time working on what could be the solution?

After doing my own research and speaking with friends and my Doctor I decided to try health coaching and lifestyle balance with Paul Simos from Revisit Health Management.

My first meeting with Paul was in August 2014…

Before my decision to start I needed to trust in the coach / coaching and in my ability to want to and be able to change.

After 6 months of working with Paul with regular health / life coaching sessions coupled with yoga and mindfullness lessons, adapting my daily diet and having my own home yoga practice many results and benefits occurred:

· I lost up to 7kgs (still in progress)

· Fully reshaped my body (pleasure to see how some former suits fit me again!!)

· Learned to breathe correctly to energize and release stress from my body

· I found a new internal energy that I never knew existed

· Discovered how to de-stress (so useful in my daily professional life…)

· Increased focus and development of positive life goals

· Awareness of an energetic diet.

All of this work is certainly a discipline but a soft and gentle one at that. There are so many positive effects on each part of our life in such a very short time.

Only one conclusion – If you are stressed, out of balance with life – Just try it…

This kind of positive journey is filled with an abundance of wealth for each one of us…

February 2015


As the year is coming to a close, I wanted to thank you for helping me to stabilize my life and my health again. I never thought that seeking a coach would be something that I would be doing, but hey looking back at what I achieved after working with you, I am truly grateful that I met you.

Once again thanks for your great help this year and to many more health coaching and yoga sessions to come!

Dominik F
Vietnam, December 2014


A friend of mine (Jake, in cc) has some physical issues, similar to the ones I had. I told him about the Yoga-session I did with you and how much it helped me to get better.

You should meet up with him and check if you can help him out as you did me.

Alexander G
Vietnam, November 2014


I met Paul through a forum called An Phu Neighbors as I was looking for help with my depression due to my personal relationship with my partner. I started to become very sensitive to things happening in my relationship and I was acting negatively if things did not go the way I wanted them too. Due to this depression and the way I was thinking I started to develop physical symptoms like vomiting, eating disorder, sleepless nights and migraine headaches. I was taking medication but it was not enough to resolve my internal conflict. I realized I could not continue like this and that is why I reached out to Paul for help.

I have been working with Paul for over two months and he has been very helpful as I have learnt to be more positive with my thinking and my mental interpretations of what is happening in my relationship. I now know how to view the events in my life differently which is giving me completely different and very positive results. Paul has been wonderful, patient and kind in helping me see things differently in my life. I still have moments where I slip back into depression but with the tools Paul has taught me I bounce back to my happy self so much faster. I am building a solid foundation within myself to face and deal with the obstacles that come into my life.

Thank you Paul so much as I know it would have been so much harder or maybe impossible without your help.

Highest regards,

Quyen Colin
Vietnam, August 2014


I came across Paul more by accident than design and I am grateful that I did.

At that time, for a variety of personal reasons I was in a big mess and struggling to find help.

I had become disconnected from life and my friends and family, lost vitality and suffered severe depression and low self esteem.

As a professional expat I started to live two lives putting on the professional exterior when I walked into the office and then collapsing in a heap when I got home each night.

I had tried the medical route but there is a distinct lack of psychological support provided by the international clinics in Saigon which led me to seek alternative options.

I knew in my heart if I did not find a path out of the darkness I was experiencing something far worse was a distinct possibility.

I kind of knew what I had to do but didn’t know how to go about it. Getting fit and losing weight was the start of an action plan but the weight of my depression and low self worth was so great, it in itself was insufficient and the exercise was really serving as a life jacket just keeping me afloat.

My research led me to consider Yoga – something I never dreamed of doing – which led me to Paul.

I’m a pretty self conscious person so going to a yoga class was out of the question and Paul was terrific support in enabling me to experience Yoga privately at home.

At the same time Paul introduced me to the concept of life / health coaching which he also specializes in.

Not being familiar with the idea but desperate to find help I decided to give it a try – maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism and weariness.

Our first of 5 sessions began with me talking and Paul listening and asking questions. I was initially guarded with my answers and how much I disclosed but I soon discovered Paul was completely non judgmental and clearly focused on trying to understand the root causes of why I was experiencing what I was. Thus the journey began…

Over the course of the next 4 sessions (we met fortnightly) Paul helped me explore a range of issues contributing to my condition but never once provided any answers – rather he helped me by introducing new ways of thinking and challenging me in a constructive way. Numerous eye opening discussions ensured and I discovered I always left our sessions feeling more positive or challenged than when they began.

During this process we also maintained our regular private yoga classes and I was starting to notice an unusual change – I was suddenly becoming less stressed and anxious, calmer in my mind and a material positive change in my depression.

I am now at the point where I am regularly attending public yoga classes that Paul runs, have regained some of my self confidence and the vitality is returning. I can be still prone to bouts of depression but using the techniques Paul has shared with me they are less frequent and not as long lasting. Yoga has been a big part of helping me deal with this.

I have been so encouraged with the results I have extended the life / health coaching sessions with Paul to continue to help build on the work we have already done and the Yoga is also now a firm part of my fitness program and works well with the martial arts training I also do.

I am now looking more confidently towards an uncertain future and feel I have more confidence with who I am and who I am becoming.

I was 107 Kilos (236 lbs) when I started and now down to 87 Kilos (192 lbs). That's a loss of 20 Kilos (44 lbs).

I can highly recommend Paul as a caring and professional life / health coach who is skilled, insightful and highly motivated in what he does. He has helped me a great deal and I am so glad our paths crossed as they did.

Chris B
Ho Chi Minh City, February 2014


I met Paul again last year after few years’ absence and got to know he provided health coaching sessions. At that time I was in a terrible situation in my life and looking for some help. I decided to take Paul’s sessions hoping that he would remove all of the difficulties and made me feel happy. I was wrong actually, I learnt from him that nobody else but only I could make me happy. To be honest, I was not very satisfied with his coaching at the very beginning as he always emphasized good food and healthy diet habit. I have never paid attention to my diet before and just thought that it would be just fine enough if food could make me full. I have never cooked anything nice and healthy for myself.

Anyway, followed his advice and started taking care of myself. Gradually I found myself feel good when cooking and eating healthy dishes. The problems in my life were not solved in my preferred way; however I learnt from Paul how to transform negative thinking into positive thinking and how to love myself. He was very patient to listen to my stories and to share my feelings. Paul was always there to support me throughout when things became a little challenging and also encouraged me further when things were going well. Now I know that the depression does not stay forever, so I just accept it and let it go. When my physical body became healthy, my mind also became healthy. I really appreciate Paul’s coaching which changed my life a lot. I know I am getting stronger and more confident every day.

Very many thanks Paul, and hope I will be able to help someone in the future just like you helped me.

Ms. Takako
Vietnam, December 2011


The following before and after pictures are of Adam (23 y/o), whom I have been working with for the past 5 months. The before pictures were taken 25th January 2012 and the after pictures on the 27th June 2012.

Adam was born with severe Eczema/ Dermatitis (a skin condition). Adams condition goes back generations, from his Grandfather, to his Mother, and then to him. Progressively getting worse with each generation. Adam and his family have spent many thousands of dollars over the years. Seeking guidance from conventional medical doctors and traditional doctors, to try and fix his skin condition.

In this time, Antibiotics and Cortisone cream (topical steroids) were prescribed to him regularly, and only gave him temporary relief. Often coming back worse then before. He also tried many different supplements and vitamins, but no success.

Adam’s long-term (chronic) skin condition consisted of dry scaly skin, and itchy red rashes. At times, symptoms also included blistering and oozing. Dry and itchy skin all over the body (especially hands & fingers, neck, and backs of elbows & knees). Adam was suffering physically by having constant itching all over his skin. When he would scratch his skin it would get red and sore causing more pain. It was not just the physical discomfort that he suffered from this illness. He also suffered emotionally and mentally with this condition unable to function as a normal human being in society due to the severity.

This condition became a way of life for Adam. The good news is that Adam turned everything around in a very short period of time using the power of whole foods. By eliminating certain types of food and introducing good wholesome whole foods Adam was able to get some lasting relief.

The condition actually got worse for a short time before it improved. The body needed to detox, which aggravated his condition. Through perseverance and a commitment to be free of pain and live a normal life Adam dedicated the past 5 months to his healing process.

Adams skin condition has improved by 90% and by looking at him you would never believe he was in such a poor state just a few months ago. As Adam continues to eat good balanced whole foods, his condition continues to improve. Adam is now such an advocate of eating high quality living foods that have the power to facilitate healing in the human body.

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