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Would it be possible for Yoga to increase office productivity, morale and good will? Could both employer and employee benefit from Office Yoga? What are some of the benefits of Office Yoga to large and small businesses? Let’s explore some of the solutions Office Yoga can offer the business world.

The number of white collar workers (office workers) has increased over the last few decades due to the advent of the personal computer. Working many hours leaning over a desk or computer appears to be the cause of many back, shoulder, arm, spine, hip and even writ problems just to mention a few. If these particular areas of the body are left unattended and not balanced out they could result in a more serious problem in a few weeks, months or years down the track.  Managers and staff are now becoming aware of this situation and are taking steps to correct it by implementing Office Yoga.

Once our bodies start to adjust to misalignment from sitting at a desk for too long and our muscles begin to tighten our moods and behavior also start to change. This has a far reaching cascading effect that is not conducive to high productivity, good will or morale in the work place. If nothing is done to correct the situation it will progressively become worst.

Next time you are at work in the office just become aware of how many people may be rubbing their neck, shoulders, and hips or talking about how they feel tired or lethargic. These are all symptoms of spending too long at the office desk without implementing a system to balance the body.

Don’t worry. We can change it.  By implementing a simple but very effective regular Office Yoga routine we can turn this whole situation around which will benefit employer and employee.

Following are some benefits of practicing Office Yoga:

  • Relaxed body
  • Feel great
  • Calm
  • More centered
  • Sharper concentration
  • Higher energy levels
  • Blood circulation will increase
  • Achieve more in less time
  • Ability to cope with more

The list could almost be endless but you can definitely see some major benefits for everyone.

The one thing all large and small businesses have in common is employees. If those employees were participating in a regular Office Yoga program can you imagine how there would be high morale amongst staff in the office? If the staff are happy and the energy is high productivity will also be high. I remember hearing a saying once “A happy wife results in a happy family”. I think the same can be said for businesses “Happy employee’s results in a successful business”.

Look at any successful business and you will notice that the energy and morale of the employees are at very high levels.

If you would like more information please email me for further details.

What to do next? Send me an email showing your interest in our Office Yoga program and we will set up a time to meet obligation free to further discuss your needs to see if we are able to assist you and your staff achieve greater well-being and productivity.

Speech I gave at Saigon Toastmasters - The Trifecta to a Perfect Yoga Class:

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