Private Yoga Lessons

Understand The Theory While Practicing Yoga One-On-One

Private Yoga lessons with Paul Simos in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Why Private Yoga lessons?

Private yoga lessons have become popular and highly beneficial for a myriad of reasons of which we will mention a few.

Private yoga lessons address the questions and concerns that there may not be time for in a group class. The individualized attention of a private lesson can help you understand how to apply yoga so that your practice is truly healing and nurturing.


If you are a beginner private lessons will also help to prepare you for group classes. It is very important for all yoga students ( especially beginners ) to learn the basic fundamentals of yoga so your foundation is solid and your alignment is correct. Without these two factors in place the benefits from yoga would be minimized and the risk of injury would be highly increased. Once you have these very important basics in place your yoga practice will be so much more enjoyable as you build your practice on a solid foundation.


If you are at the intermediate stage of your yoga practice private lessons can also be very advantageous. After students have been practicing yoga for a while (me included) we find that we generally slip into some bad habits ( poor alignment etc…) that become part of our practice without us even being aware of it . By attending private lessons we have the opportunity to correct these habits and rebuild our practice on a solid foundation. Less work is needed with these students as they have generally mastered the basics except for a few minor corrections we hope.


Advanced yoga students who are serious about their practice will always seek guidance and advice on how to improve their practice. These are people we call the elite as they are always on the prowl for a better way of doing things. It does not matter how good we think we are everyone can learn at least one or two things to improve their performance.


All private lessons are held in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

What do I do next next?

If you think that having private yoga lessons will help you get started on your yoga practice or refine your existing practice please send me an email so we can make a time to meet for a free evaluation at the Yoga Sculpt N Shape Studio or home visits by request only.

We will meet for 20 min to further discuss your needs, try out some yoga poses and see if we are a good fit to work with each other. I don’t work with everyone so this is a great opportunity for both parties to meet each other without investing too much time if we are not compatible.

Take action NOW and call me direct on 0128 630 5982

Speech I gave at Saigon Toastmasters - The Trifecta to a Perfect Yoga Class:

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